How do I get started with physical therapy?
Please visit our Getting Started section.

What happens at the first appointment?
If you haven’t already, you will be asked to complete a brief health history form. Then, the physical therapist will sit down with you in a private treatment room and evaluate your injury/problem. You will be asked about your expectations and goals of treatment.

The therapist will observe how you move and note which movements may be painful or difficult. Measurements may be taken of your strength and flexibility. The therapist will palpate the part of your body that is to be treated to get a better understanding of the problem.

Together you and the physical therapist will discuss your goals and the plan of treatment, and what to expect during treatment. Treatment will be started at this appointment and you may be given instructions or exercises to continue the treatment at home.

Does my insurance cover physical therapy?
Most health insurances cover at least a part of physical therapy services. Our front desk staff will verify your benefits. This way you will know your financial obligation up front, if any.

Hands On Center participates with many/most major insurance providers.

I have a prescription for physical therapy but it does not say “Hands On Center” on it. May I still come to Hands On Center for physical therapy?
YES. You are free to go to any physical therapy facility for care.
I don’t have a prescription for physical therapy. What is the next step?
You may either talk to your doctor about whether physical therapy is a good option for you at this time, or you may call us to schedule a free consultation.

The consultation lasts under 30 minutes. The therapist will ask questions about your history, your injury, your goals and then give you an opinion about whether physical therapy would be an appropriate option for you. To begin treatment, you would need to obtain a prescription from your physician per state law.

Also see our Getting Started section.

Why should I choose Hands On Center for physical therapy?
Please see “Why Choose Hands On?” on our home page.

Why does Hands On Center use manual therapy?
Because it is the most targeted physical therapy technique available. Our hands on approach ensures that every unique patient gets the most effective treatment plan for their specific needs. All Hands On Center physical therapists are trained in manual therapy. Manual therapy requires more training and experience than all other physical therapy methods. It’s a technique that is constantly progressing-ensuring that you are always getting the absolute best treatment available.